CURT Rebellion™ XD Tongue Attachment (50mm Tow Ball)

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SKU: 45970-85

CURT Rebellion XD Tongue Attachment is designed to mount onto the vertical shank of the mount. 

The Rebellion™ XD adjustable ball mount is a leap forward in cushion hitch technology. It provides more control, confidence and a more comfortable ride, all while protecting your towing system from jerking, jarring, rattling and trailer sway.

  • Compatible only with Rebellion XD 45969-85. Sold Separately.
  • 22.22mm hole to accept a 50mm tow ball.



  • attachment type: 50mm Tow Ball Mount
  • material type: Cast Steel
  • finish: Dark Grey Teridium
  • capacity: 3500kg/350kg
  • limited lifetime warranty: Curt Limited Lifetime Warranty
Download Fitting Instructions