Holts Professional Maintenance Spray 500ML

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Holts Professional Maintenance Spray 500ML is a multi-purpose spray prevents seized parts by chemically bonding to metals and reduces friction. It can also be used to clean, lubricate and protect, so that you don’t have to be frustrated by rust, grease or dirt.

The professional formula works at high temperatures making it ideal for use where components get hot and thanks to the directional spray it’s perfect for DIY. You know you’re using a high-quality product that is trusted by mechanics.

  • Multi-purpose lubricant to prevent seized parts
  • Anti-rust
  • Works up to 480°C
  • 360° spray action allows aerosol to spray in all directions
Need a fast-acting professional lubricant to prevent rusted or seized parts? Problem solved with Holts Professional Maintenance Spay!



  • packaging: 500ml