CURT Wheel Chock Set (Up To 17" Wide Wheels)

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SKU: 22800

CURT Wheel Chock Set are the perfect accessory to keep on hand.  Any time you get underneath your car or truck to change oil, perform maintenance, or make repairs, chocking the wheels is a vital safety measure.  Likewise, whenever your vehicle is hitched up to a trailer and parked for an extended period of time - whether it be at the campground or the boat landing - using wheel chocks ensures your towing rig will not be rolling away without you in the driver seat.

To ensure safety, a vehicle's parking brake should not be the only thing to keep the weight of the vehicle and trailer in place, especially if they are parked on any kind of incline.  They are constructed from durable plastic and offer a generous 17" width.  This allows them to be used with a variety of wheel and vehicle sizes, though they should never be used for commercial applications.  CURT wheel chocks also feature a raised tread to better grip the wheel and saw-tooth edges on the base for better traction on the ground.

  • Ideal for chocking wheels on a parked trailer
  • Stackable when not in use
  • Not for commercial use



  • material type: Plastic
  • finish: Black Plastic
  • brand: Curt
  • limited lifetime warranty: Curt Limited Lifetime Warranty